Flipping Houses in Calgary : Must-Haves for the Modern Kitchen

These days a kitchen isn’t just the place where food is made – it’s the command center of the entire house. If you’re in the business of rehabbing properties, you need to make sure that your kitchen is in good shape before listing your real estate investment on the market. Here are a few things every marketable kitchen includes:

  • An Island. Islands and standalone counters have become the norm in contemporary kitchens, and if your real estate investment has the floor space, there’s no excuse for not installing one. While many islands are built directly into the kitchen floor, if you’ve already installed your flooring you can find a wide variety of “aftermarket” islands – with feet attached – at your local home supply retailer.
  • A Stunning Sink. The kitchen sink isn’t the boring old function-over-form installation it used to be. If you’ve been flipping houses for a while then you’re well aware that lavish and curvaceous faucets are a major selling point with buyers. Even the most affordable designer faucets will add significant property value to your real estate investment, so you should make sure to pick one up.
  • Eco-Friendly Appliances. If you’re remodeling your kitchen, you can increase your property value by thousands if you’re willing to go green. Energy-efficient dishwashers, magnetic-induction cooking ranges and tiles made from recycled glass or vinyl are a great way to appeal to the environmentalist in everyone, and they’re guaranteed to be a hit with buyers.
  • Steel. Lots of Steel. In the past, stainless steel appliances were a commodity to be found mainly in ultramodern houses. But as more and more consumers began to associate a steel finish with quality, brushed-metal appliances steadily gained popularity. Now they can be found in every type of home, from Spanish revivals to Bauhaus bungalows. Needless to say, if you’re replacing your stove or refrigerator then you should spring for stainless steel models. After all, you’re guaranteed to make back the difference when it comes time to close the sale.

When it comes to remodeling the kitchen in your real estate investment, the progressive approach is best. No matter the style and theme of your house, buyers will be looking for modern aesthetics and convenience in the kitchen, so make sure to incorporate eco-friendly technology, an artfully designed sink and as much stainless steel as you can find.